Guiding Principles

Transportation + Infrastructure

As our community grows…

  • Ensure our neighborhoods have sidewalks, bike facilities and trails that connect to key destinations.

  • Maintain and upgrade the infrastructure we have. Improve existing roadways and upgrade water and sewer lines.

  • Invest in new public infrastructure that benefits the community broadly and makes good use of public funds.


As our community grows…

  • Support and grow local businesses and encourage outside businesses to expand to Payson.

  • Reinvest in the existing urbanized areas of the city.

  • Make Payson a place where young people want to stay.

  • Payson’s educational system prepares its workforce to succeed in all segments of the economy and includes training for a wide range of job skills.


As our community grows…

  • Payson has safe neighborhoods with a variety of high-quality housing options.

  • Payson is a city where newcomers can move, buy a home and join the community.

  • Payson has housing of different types and styles for people of all ages and incomes, including homes in single-family neighborhoods and neighborhoods with increased density for sustainability, livability, walkability, and cost-efficiency.

  • Future development should protect historic buildings, exiting neighborhoods and resources while enhancing urban areas and creating new mixed-use centers.


As our community grows…

  • We preserve our strong sense of community.

  • We preserve our natural and cultural assets.

  • Ensure that residential and commercial design compliments and contributes to our community.

  • Continue to engage the community in government and other civic activities ensuring all segments of the population are heard and represented.


As our community grows…

  • Maintain and enhance access to quality health care.

  • The city coordinates land use and transportation to minimize travel time and distances between daily destinations –allowing people to live closer to work and services, live or work close to transit, and live in walk-and bike-friendly areas.

  • Reduce water consumption, using strategies such as drought tolerant landscaping, water-saving irrigation systems, and water reclamation.